Twitch streamer's gaming monitor stops bullet and keeps working

by Calum Patterson


A Twitch streamer was protected by his MSI gaming monitor, after multiple shots were fired at random and pierced the walls of his room - and the monitor continued to function after.


On March 4, gamer Eric Gan and his housemates endured a barrage of bullets being fired at their rooms, five shots in total, by a stranger, in what police say was a random incident.

Gan wasn't playing or streaming at the time, with bullets fired at around 4AM, but the monitor could well have saved his life, as it remains intact, and in working order, despite having a bullet lodged in it.


The monitor, an MSI Optix G27C2, likely wouldn't have faired so well if the bullet hadn't lost most of its momentum by travelling through the wall first, but still, it's impressive nonetheless.

Other bullets penetrated both the dry wall and then the ceiling, but the device appears to have stopped the projectile dead in its tracks.


After Gan's post went viral, MSI USA reached out the gamer and streamer, and are now sending him a replacement - although there is no word on whether this one is bulletproof too.

In the meantime, Gan is still streaming with his bulletproof monitor on Twitch, and his story going viral helped his channel gain some new followers too.

Thankfully, neither Gan nor his housemates were hurt in the incident, with all other bullets connecting only with the walls and ceiling.