Twitch streamer’s broadcast goes horribly wrong after leaving oven on

Twitch: swiftyfeets / Wikimedia Commons

This unlucky streamer is never going to make the mistake of leaving her oven on again after her Twitch broadcast came to a crashing halt on April 21.

Leaving the oven on and forgetting all about it is a simple cooking mistake that almost everyone can relate to. It’s easy enough to prepare a few ingredients and completely forget to set a reminder once it’s all in the oven. 

Usually, the shame that follows is bad enough, as not only is your food ruined, but you likely have to clean up all the mess as well. Unfortunately for this Twitch streamer, those were the least of her worries.

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Jumping into some Valorant action on April 21, brand new Twitch streamer ‘swiftyfeets’ was enjoying her first-ever broadcast on the platform. Right up until the moment things went south. 

Towards the end of a match, roughly 30 minutes into her first live experience, the streamer felt a wave of hunger and said that she “needs to go make some food.”

Immediately upon saying those words, she remembered food was already cooking in her oven. “My f***ing taquitos” she gasped before running towards the kitchen. Unfortunately, she’d forgotten her headset was still plugged in.

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Her webcam was whipped all the way around as she tried to dash off frame, before the entire gaming setup seemingly erupted in one fell swoop. A loud crash can be heard, followed by an uncomfortable moment of silence as the streamer realizes what just happened.

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“Oh f***. Are you f***ing serious,” she yelled. A few minutes went by as her character stood AFK in Valorant. There’s no clear indication as to just how devastating the mess truly was, but it certainly didn’t sound great.

After a few more curse words, the streamer finally ended the broadcast as she cleared up the mess and tried to fix everything. 

Wikimedia Commons
All that this unlucky streamer wanted was to get her taquitos out of the oven.

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Fortunately, she was seemingly able to get her gaming setup back up and running a short while later. The streamer even came back online and continued to grind Valorant as though nothing major even happened.

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Dexerto is unable to confirm the well-being of her taquitos at this time, however.