Twitch streamer TheBlackHokage shuts down racist hate raid in the perfect way


Twitch streamer Corey ‘TheBlackHokage’ Smallwood had what many consider the perfect response to being targeted by a racist hate raid.

Creators on Twitch have had to deal with racist bots and so-called ‘hate raids’ for over a week now. Despite large numbers of them begging the platform to do something, it’s still happening all over.

One of the latest streamers to get targeted was TheBlackHokage. But, it seems he’s had a plan to deal with just this type of incident.

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“Today I was hit with a hate raid on Twitch by basement dwelling musty racist neckbeards,” Hokage tweeted, acting much more shook than he really was. “It took all my strength to fight back my tears & not break down on stream.”

If you watch the clip, it’s easy to tell he wasn’t really as upset as his sarcastic Tweet made it seem. Hokage was obviously ready and waiting for this exact thing to happen, and sprung into action.

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“Let’s go yo, I’ve been waiting for this s**t, holy s**t, finally,” the streamer said as racist spam flooded his chat. “I see ya’ll been raiding all the black streamers, and I was waiting for you guys to get to me.”

Simply by putting his chat in “Subscribers-only” mode, Hokage instantly banished every racist bot right to the shadow realm.

“Problem solved. Now they have to pay me to type that in the chat,” he explained, before mocking the troll or trolls who tried to throw him off.

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Mocking the trolls aside though, TheBlackHokage added that Twitch definitely needs to figure out a way to prevent these raids from happening in the first place.

“Nah but seriously Twitch this s**t lame af,” he added. “This type of stuff doesn’t bother me, but most people it will. Y’all need to do better in protecting your creators if you’re truly trying to be inclusive. This type of stuff deflates people & runs them to your competitors.”

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While Hokage did have a great response to the racist trolls, there’s no question this type of thing shouldn’t even be happening in the first place.

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