Twitch streamer speechless after being baited into classic web browser prank - Dexerto

Twitch streamer speechless after being baited into classic web browser prank

Published: 8/Dec/2019 1:36

by Brent Koepp


A Twitch streamer was left speechless after taking on a dare from his chat went horribly wrong, and they baited him into a web browser prank instead.

The interaction between Twitch personalities and their chat is one the most important parts of streaming, as building an engaging relationship is what keeps viewers coming back for more.

However, time and time again, streamers have learned the hard way that there will always be those using the “live” aspect to their advantage, where pulling pranks is too easy to resist.

From classic donation name pranks, to tricking people to opening risque links, trolls have many tricks up their sleeves. A Twitch partner was an example of this when a dare turned into a hilarious web browser history mishap.


Instagram: @specialsc2The Stacraft 2 pro was baited by a classic web browser prank.

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Streamer’s chat baits him into revealing Bbrowser history

StarCraft 2 streamer ‘special_‘ was in the middle of his broadcast, when someone in his chat dared him to type ‘por’ into his web browser, which caught the attention of the personality.

“Type por in your browser? You dare me? Okay, let’s see what happens when I put that in my browser,” he said, taking on the dare from the devious member of his audience.

“Let’s see… por…” he read out loud, as he typed it into his web browser, which then instantly filled in with an adult content website. The streamer was shocked, and quickly closed out of his browser in embarrassment.


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The prank appeared to reveal the streamer’s web browser history which left him temporarily speechless, before he laughed and exclaimed, “That was a link, I promise! It’s okay, I promise someone linked that!”

He continued to laugh off the incident. “Okay, someone linked me that. So I clicked it by mistake!” he said, as he explained why the risque site content autofilled into his browser. Which to be fair, clicking a link by accident would add it to your browser history.

Despite the unexpected moment, the StarCraft player was able to laugh the whole thing off, and continued to his broadcast not letting the moment phase him.


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The Twitch personality shouldn’t feel too bad though, as the very nature of broadcasts being live to the world means that there will always be someone out there trying to take advantage of the moment.

Most streamers have been there before, and have fallen for the same kind of pranks in one form or another. If nothing else, it’s a lesson to not always give the chat what they want, as they could be setting you up.