Twitch streamer shows off his unique way of thanking subscribers

by Mitch Reames


A streamer named WearyTwo has a unique way of thanking subscribers to his stream.

His stream consists of a variety of games ranging from Fortnite and PUBG to Ring of Elysium, but his gameplay might not be his most popular skill.

He’s actually a phenomenal dancer and follows each sub with a lengthy dance routine.

He’s been practicing dancing for over five years and has gotten to a point where he is pretty talented, despite being self-taught.

A clip of him dancing went viral on Reddit’s /r/LivestreamFails and now has over 60,000 views but his channel is filled with similar clips that average less than 100.

The song he is dancing to is Little Bit of This by GTA ft. Vince Staples.

He says he is fully dedicated to being a full-time streamer partially because of a previous job at Chipotle that gave him the motivation to pursue his dream. A nod to his prior job, he calls subscribers/followers of his stream Burrito Boiz.

If he improves his dance cam set up, he could carve out a decent niche for himself as the best dancer on Twitch. He definitely has skills that few - if any - other streamers have.