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Twitch streamer shares incredibly wholesome moment with pet bird

Published: 26/Nov/2019 2:19 Updated: 26/Nov/2019 2:24

by Bill Cooney


Runescape streamer Odablock had one of the most heartwarming encounters ever while he was streaming with his pet bird on his arm.

Animal streams and jokes about certain animal streams are nothing new on Twitch, but Odablock’s feathered friend is unique because as a parrot, they can talk back.

The bird, whose name we haven’t been able to discover, wasn’t on Odablock’s arm for the entire stream but did make their presence felt while they were on camera.

Odablock primarily streams Old School Runescape and his bird has made appearances on stream before, but none have been as adorable as what happened on the November 24 stream.


Luckily, Old School Runescape can easily be played with one hand, so Oda was able to hold his pal while streaming. Out of nowhere, the bird caws out “I love you,” a few times before chat urges the streamer to say it back.

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“I love you more,” Odablock replied, before gazing into the eyes of the affectionate tropical bird – while keeping an eye out for pecks of course.

The bird didn’t stick around for the whole stream as Oda eventually had to rest his arm, but they definitely did make their time count.

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What we want to know is, does the bird watch the stream? If so, does it like Old School Runescape as much as Odablock does, or does it even care? The world wants to know.

During the same stream, Oda also got absolutely fleeced during a duel with another player, resulting in millions of lost currency.

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The streamer seemed to hit his opponent first, which should have sealed the duel in his favor, but it seemed Runescape had other plans.

Maybe if his feathered friend had still been around, Odablock’s luck could have been a little different, or the loss would have been a little less painful.