Twitch streamer responds to dog abuse accusations - Dexerto

Twitch streamer responds to dog abuse accusations

Published: 6/Sep/2019 8:56 Updated: 6/Sep/2019 10:00

by Connor Bennett


A Fortnite streamer has responded to accusations that he abused his dog during a stream, claiming that the dog was actually choking and needed his help.  

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On September 6, a video surfaced of streamer ‘KryptixEliteTV’ taken from his broadcast from a day earlier. As he returned to his stream from a break, the dog can be seen laying on a couch in full view of the camera, with the streamer immediately moving towards his pet and grabbing it around the neck. 

The video taken from his stream is low quality, however the dog was audibly distressed – crying as KryptixEliteTV remained close by. After the streamer told the dog to “stop,” he could be seen with his hands on its throat as the dog began to whimper even louder, before KryptixEliteTV threw an object away from the couch and pointed back at the dog. 


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After the video went viral, with many across social media accusing the Fortnite player of abusing his pet, he responded on Twitter stating that the video had been taken the wrong way- claiming that the dog was choking, and he had stepped in to help.

“For the last time, the dog was choking on the inside of the pillow,” he tweeted. “Yes, I did grab her up and pull some stuffing out her mouth and told her no. But, after she was almost like gagging as if she was choking on some still. So, I grabbed her up again and put my hand in her throat.”


The streamer’s full response to the accusations.
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The streamer also claimed that the dog was safe and that he was just helping, not hurting her as those who shared the video believed.

He added: “The dog is safe and I threw the pillow out. I just hate how everyone is making it seem like I was hurting instead of helping.”

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Following his statement regarding the incident, KryptixEliteTV’s Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube were all removed from their respective platforms. His Twitch account also followed suit, but it’s unknown if he was banned because of the clip, or just taken it offline himself following the accusations. Dexerto have reached out to Twitch for clarification.


We will continue to update this story as more information becomes available.