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Twitch streamer reduced to tears by viewers’ heartwarming messages

Published: 28/Sep/2020 11:32

by Jacob Hale


A Twitch streamer was shocked and reduced to tears when she went live and saw a multitude of messages from her devoted fans sharing what she means to them.

Streamers often tend to share a special bond with their fans, especially those who tune in every day and will sit there, enjoy their content and have conversations with them on a regular basis.

That said, sometimes it’s hard to explain what that relationship is, why a viewer enjoys watching a particular streamer so much or how the streamer engages with their audience.


This moment from GabbyRose’s Twitch stream says it all, though.

Twitch streamer GabbyRose
Instagram: gabbyyrose_
GabbyRose isnt the biggest streamer — but her viewers might be some of the most dedicated on Twitch.

Gabby is a variety streamer that will often play a multitude of games on stream, ranging from Hollow Knight to Among Us to Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.

Thanks to her lighthearted persona and stress-free content, she’s built up a dedicated audience that clearly love her: and they let her know it, with a message board of open letters from some of her biggest fans, explaining why they love her work and her as a person, too.

Naturally, it didn’t take long for the waterworks to start, despite her best attempts to hold the tears back, and it took her a while to find the words to even respond.


Finally, after a few minutes flicking through the messages and reading them to herself, she simply said “thank you so much” to those who had written to her and, after a few more minutes to cool down, managed to get the stream back on track as usual.

It’s rare you see streamers really get to pay attention to how much love they get. While subscribers, donations and the like are often shown as appreciation, it’s rare someone’s viewers will openly write them letters to thank them for their broadcasts, but it’s really great to see.