Twitch streamer recruits CS:GO player’s brother for hilarious sabotage mission

Daniel Cleary

CS:GO game when speaking to his teammate’s brother.

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There might be nothing more frustrating as a gamer than when you’re disconnected while playing online due to issues which are out of your control, such as internet connection or power.

LyndonFPS recently found the perfect opportunity to manufacture such frustration and havoc, hilariously ruining his teammate’s day during a CS:GO match when said teammate made the mistake of passing his microphone to his brother!

ESL/Helena KristianssonCS:GO is one of the most popular first person shooter esports and attracts millions of viewers each year.
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Lyndon’s teammate could be heard going back and forth in the background at the start of the round and the streamer asked if he could speak with them, assuming it was his teammate’s wife: “Is that your wife or something? Let me talk to her.”

Upon finding out that it was actually the player’s brother, Lyndon quickly switched focus and recruited him for his master plan: “Hey what’s up man […] Can you please turn off your brother’s computer right now?”

The player’s brother, doing what any brother would do in such a situation, was instantly on board with the prank!

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“Yeah,” he responded. “Turn off his computer? Okay, I got you fam.” 

A few seconds passed before Lyndon’s teammate could be heard exclaiming “OH!” followed immediately by the in-game feed displaying his teammate leaving the game, indicating that the devious brother had been successful.

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Lyndon couldn’t believe he’d pulled it off after seeing the plan come to fruition, instantly bursting into laughter. 

“He’s got to be kidding,” he chuckled. “There’s no way that’s real!”

One can only imagine how Lyndon’s teammate would’ve reacted after seeing his computer turned off, but this hilarious highlight has already become one of Lyndon’s most viewed clips on Twitch – and with good reason.

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