Twitch streamer m0E sabotaged by his daughter mid-CS:GO match

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive streamer Mohamad ‘m0E’ Assad was left stunned after his young daughter trolled him and his stream by turning off his PC mid-match. 

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Being able to juggle on-stream action can all be part of the job for Twitch streamers. Whether you’re an IRL streamer who is on the go, or someone sat behind an expensive set-up, things can – and often do – go wrong. 

Often, streamers can get upset by these mishaps but others, like former CS:GO pro m0E, can see the funny side of things – especially when you’re caught unaware and the sabotage comes from someone who you can’t stay angry at. 

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ESLThe former CS:GO pro-turned streamer is one of the most recognizable faces in NA CS.

During his late-night stream on August 5, m0e had been coming towards the end of a match on Train, when he began rotating positions to try and secure the round. After throwing a flashbang, his game came to a screeching halt – appearing as if it had crashed, leaving him wondering what had gone wrong. 

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Yet, when he looked to his side, his daughter had been slightly mischievous and turned his PC off altogether. “No!” he called out, clearly disappointed by what had happened. He was left speechless for a few moments as his daughter laughed, somewhat pleased by her handiwork. 

However, the streamer even saw the funny side of things as the pair tried to talk over what had happened, before she walked away and m0e was able to get back into the game.

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Of course, his teammates were confused by his brief exit and m0e offered up a quick, yet, laughter-filled explanation. “I can’t believe she did that! She’s such a little troll dude. Mira!” he called out, still laughing. 

The streamer continued on: “She snuck down there and she just pressed the button. Usually, I catch her before she does it,” before figuring out how to get back among his teammates and close out the game.

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Thankfully, for the streamer, things had a solid outcome as he was able to finish up the match with a win under his belt – setting him up for the rest of the broadcast. 

Moving forward, he’ll just have to keep an even keener eye on his PC to make sure that he isn’t on the receiving end of any more mischief at his daughter’s hands. 

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