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Twitch streamer literally eats a huge fly for donations

Published: 4/Dec/2019 14:12

by Jacob Hale


A Twitch streamer has literally eaten a fly after a viewer promised to send him donations if he did – and it makes for truly grim viewing.

Donations are one of the main ways Twitch streamers can make money, with fans of the streamer able to send cash to keep the stream alive, allow them to improve their setup or simply to show support.

Often, you’ll see someone make a deal with a viewer to do something in exchange for a donation – which can be made via PayPal or with Twitch’s ‘bits’ system, a form of Twitch currency. This is normally something like in-game challenges, for example, a donation if the streamer wins.


Twitch: CouRageJD
Twitch: CouRageJD
Some truly ludicrous donations have been made on Twitch in recent years.

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This Twitch streamer, though, was given a different, slightly more gruesome challenge to complete in order to earn his donation.

Having in a previous stream agreed to eat a fly, ‘theRealShooKon3’ had 10,000 bits – or around $100 – on the line when he found a dead fly – and his viewers immediately reminded him of his promise.

Despite a majority of his viewers pleading with him not to do it, Shook doused the fly in vodka before chucking it between his lips and chewing on it, looking immediately disgusted. Once he had washed it down with a shot of vodka, he said: “I think I puked then swallowed it back in”. Charming.


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After chewing on the fly, some sort of liquid flew out of Shook’s mouth, but it’s not clear whether this was a solid amount of saliva or, for lack of a better term, fly juice. It looks like it could be either, or a disgusting concoction of both.

Meanwhile, his friend did exactly as any friend would, and sat laughing at his friend’s poor decisions that must have led him to this moment.

Based on his reaction, we doubt Shook will be rushing to eat more flies any time soon, but if the donations start being offered he may be tempted to put himself through it again.


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While this isn’t the weirdest thing to have ever happened on Twitch, it’s got to be one of the most disgusting that we’ve seen recently. It really proves that money can make people do stupid things.

Hopefully he won’t get sick from consuming the critter, but we’re sure he’s learned his lesson already.