Twitch streamer left speechless after being baited into multiple jumpscares

Meg Bethany Koepp
Twitch: QuarterJade / FAIRFAXCOUNTY

Twitch streamer Jodi ‘QuarterJade’ was baited into jumpscares multiple times during her June 16 live broadcast, sending her into a state of speechless terror.

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Jumpscare pranks are very popular amongst mischievous viewers, with many Twitch stars being baited into fits of terror in the past. A classic example is the knocking prank, with viewers tricking unsuspecting streamers by baiting them into clicking innocent looking videos that contain various sounds to scare them.

Female streamer QuarterJade is the prank’s latest victim, and she got led into jumpscares multiple times during her stream – the results are hilarious.

Twitch: QuarterJade
QuarterJade was baited twice by viewers.
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Pangolins aren’t scary… right?

Viewers got the unsuspecting streamer to click on a video of a pangolin rolling around in the mud. “Okay, okay…” QuarterJade says suspiciously as she starts to play the video. She then watches the animal writhe around in the mud, her eyes widening in awe as it seems to be having the time of its life. Suddenly, a series of loud knocking noises ruin the atmosphere, scaring her into thinking someone’s at her door.

The streamer looks around the room in shock before pausing the video, realising she’s just been baited into the classic jumpscare. “What? What? What the fuck? That was so sca-” she laughs, before being cut off by a screaming donation noise, sending her into absolute and utter terror.

“WHAT THE FUCK?!” she screams, before holding her head in her hands, completely frozen with fear. A single donation message saying “sorry” then cuts through the silence, making the situation a hundred times funnier – at least she got $25 out of it.

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The ordeal wasn’t over yet

You’d think two jumpscares in one stream was enough, but later on in her broadcast, QuarterJade was tricked into a scare for the third time – but not by her viewers.

Finding the earlier scares absolutely hilarious, the female streamer decided to rewatch them and give viewers her reaction. “I kinda wanna see how much I freaked out,” she states as she starts to play the video.

“OH MY GOD!” she screams, as the knocking noise rings out again. At this point, QuarterJade can’t hold in her laughter, finding the fact she played herself absolutely hilarious. “That scared me AGAIN! What?! Oh my God, I just didn’t know, I just wasn’t expecting it! It sounds so REAL!”

Nobody likes being scared, but at least she could see the funny side of it – especially after being shocked three times. What a good sport.