Tinder streamer in hysterics after being trolled by ‘E-Girl’ on Twitch


A Twitch streamer, who commonly broadcasts his quest to find a suitable match on dating app Tinder, couldn’t stop laughing after being trolled by an ‘E-Girl’ and fellow streamer.

Tinder is one of the most popular dating apps in the world and there is a growing trend on Twitch where streamers are broadcasting their screens to allow their chat to give their thoughts and opinions on any potential matches.

Streamer OGROBx was casually reviewing his possible partners before his viewers alerted him to a fellow streamer who they thought could be of interest. However, everything was not as it seemed.

TWITCH:OGROBXOGROBx allows his Twitch chat to offer insight in his potential dating partners.

Naturally, the streamer was cautious to believe his chat and quickly hid his screen to avoid broadcasting something that would violate Twitch’s community guidelines.

On first glance, it appeared that he was watching a female streamer playing Mordhau but, on closer inspection, he realized it was a green screen and couldn’t contain his laughter.

“Somebody just subbed – oh my god!” he said while laughing. “That bitch is bad, oh my god!”

After collecting himself, the streamer praised the efforts of fellow streamer, Enormak, who used a full body green screen suit to make the overlay look realistic.

He said: “This is the most genius shit I’ve ever seen in my life. Keep on doing your thing king. I f*ck with it.”

“My man is wearing the full green shit – that’s crazy.”

Streams containing inappropriate content seem to be on the rise on Twitch with a content creator recently accidentally showing her cleavage during an IRL broadcast, as well as Alinity Divine giving viewers more than they bargained for while adjusting her Kinect sensor.

As shown by the clip in this article, there is no lengths streamers won’t go to in order to provide entertaining content for their viewers.