Twitch streamer jumps out of his skin over classic jumpscare prank

Railang, Twitch / Freepik

As one of the net’s most popular live streaming platforms, Twitch delivers a near-constant influx of hilarious and unexpected moments as they unfold in real time, with some streamers getting downright embarrassed in front of a live audience.

Twitch streamer and IT professional ‘Railang’ was the unfortunate victim of one such embarrassing (and hilarious) moment, after his friends set him up for a good-humored prank – which didn’t end up being very funny to Railang, himself.

Seasoned internet vets are well aware of the many ‘jumpscare’ videos scattered online, showing a seemingly harmless setting for a few moments before a frightening creature pops out on the screen making a loud noise.

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One Twitch streamer unwittingly fell victim to a classic jumpscare prank – much to the amusement of his friends.

Railang watched one of these videos on Facebook during an Apex Legends stream on July 12, which seemed harmless on the outset.

However, the video turned out to be an incredibly loud jumpscare, visibly startling Railang – much to the amusement of his friends.

[WARNING: the clip below contains a sudden jumpscare and loud noises.]

This would be far from the first time a streamer has been startled by a practical joke on camera: popular streamer Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys was similarly frightened by Twitch’s classic “knocking” prank, which plays a series of incredibly realistic sounding knocks when prompted by a donation.

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“Stop!” Pokimane shouted, letting out an astonished gasp at the noise – likely thinking that someone was knocking at her own bedroom door. “I hate that! I’m sensitive right now! I hate you!”

Streamer Alinity Divine was also an unfortunate victim of the knocking prank, quickly removing her headphones out of shock after the noise suddenly interrupted her stream.

Alinity later explained that the prank had frightened her because her streaming room is located underground – and the knocks would have had to have come from inside the earth, a fact that left her visibly shaken.

Even massively popular makeup mogul James Charles got pranked by his chat during a Minecraft stream in early July, after viewers baited him into pressing Alt + F4 – effectively closing his gaming window.

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As Twitch continues to grow in popularity, it’s highly likely that viewers will be seeing more and more of these hilarious pranks at the expense of unwitting streamers.