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Twitch streamer laughs at folly of her own scheduling issues

Published: 24/Oct/2019 18:32 Updated: 24/Oct/2019 21:49

by Michael Gwilliam


Update 10/24/19 2:40 PM PST

Eyevoree has responded to this article on Twitter with the following statement:

“I didn’t “hit out” against Amouranth. You can ask my community how much I actually bring her up and admire her saying things like ‘she works f**ing HARD’ with her 12/7 schedule. I also think she’s funny and really nice, despite never really catching her stream. […] I was laughing at MYSELF for creating a schedule that was like the worst I could have made for myself. Then I went on to discuss what kind of better schedule I could create. Had nothing to do with Amouranth, whom I like and respect.”


The headline for this piece has been updated to reflect. The original text follows. 

Twitch streamer Eyevoree had a heated moment during a live broadcast in which she appeared to blame Amouranth for dominating ASMR view counts on Wednesdays. 

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On October 23, Eyevoree was evaluating the best times to stream in relation to how many potential viewers were available in the ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response) category on the streaming platform using “Twitchstrike”. 

While looking at a heat map showcasing times throughout the week that are the best times to stream, Eyevoree discovered that she broadcasts during some of the worst times. 


eyevoreee/InstagramEyevoreee is an ASMR Twitch streamer.
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“According to this map, I stream at almost the worst times a week to stream ASMR,” she said, clapping with her hands for emphasis. “I stream from 7pm to 10pm on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday.”

On the map, the lighter shade of purple indicated fewer viewers on while a darker shade meant more potential viewers. “I stream when there are the least amount of viewers on Twitch watching ASMR. Does that mean there are no viewers? No.” 

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As Eyevoree explained, on Wednesdays at 7 PM there were 82 channels on and only 4000 viewers.

“You know who all those viewers are watching?” Eyevoree asked her chat. “Amouranth. Yeah, Amouranth.” 


Amouranth/InstagramAmouranth dominates Twitch’s ASMR category.
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Eyevoree then proceeded to figure out the most optimal times to stream to maximize her view counts, but suggested that competing against Amouranth would be a fool’s errand. 

Kaitlyn ‘Amouranth’ Siragusa is one of Twitch’s most popular stars with over 1.5 million followers. She rose to stardom for her ‘Just Dance’ and ASMR streams since the beginning on the platform in 2016. 

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With Amouranth’s massive following overlapping with other ASMR streamers, the competition in the category could be a bit too much to deal with especially for anyone serious about growing their channel. 

Only time will tell if Eyevoree finds a schedule that works for her and avoids competing against superstar streamers such as Amouranth for viewers and subscribers.