Twitch streamer hilariously carries on Twitch Rivals match despite earthquake

Arc System Works / Twitch: ReynaldJT

Twitch streamer Reynald Tacsuan left his viewer’s minds blown as he continued playing in a Guilty Gear: Strive Twitch Rivals tournament, despite being caught up in an earthquake. 

One reason fans love live streams is the unpredictability and spontaneity that real-time broadcasts bring. While that normally applies to IRL streaming, Reynald Tacsuan’s Guilty Gear: Strive tournament stream proved that any stream is susceptible to random events.

The content creator was competing in Twitch Rivals’ September 17 Guilty Gear: Strive tournament, alongside a host of other streamers.

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Guilty Gear Strive is an anime fighting game that has proved immensely popular.

Things were initially going well for the California-based player, but took a nose-dive when an earthquake began to shake his entire home.

Remarkably though, Tacsuan wasn’t to be deterred and simply snatched his Fightstick off his shaking desk, stabilized it on his crouching knee, and continued his in-game duel.

“Oh sh*t there’s an earthquake!?” he asked, somewhat disbelievingly. “Oh f**k. There’s an earthquake! Oh sh*t. Hold on, there’s a f**king earthquake. Oh my god, how am I gonna play this? There’s a f**king earthquake.”

Another angle was produced on Reynald’s Twitter, showing the streamer crouched in front of his setup with his equipment perched precariously on his lap.

The caption, rather aptly, said: “Whatever it takes to win bro. I’m either dying in this earthquake or I’m winning.”

It’s fair to say that, despite California’s tendency to be on the receiving end of earthquakes, the tremors still took the streamer completely by surprise.

Many viewers couldn’t believe his casual attitude, simply adjusting his setup to ensure he could continue to represent NA in the Twitch Rivals tournament.

It’s one of the crazier moments we’ve seen on a live stream, but full credit to Reynald for not letting it affect his grind.

Having said that, official state guidance probably says staying put to play video games during an earthquake is inadvisable.