Twitch streamer furious over ‘animal abuse’ ban amid Alinity controversy

Instagram: Alinity/Twitter: SleepyMia

A small Twitch streamer, ‘SleepyMia’, has lashed out at the streaming platform following her ban for animal abuse. This comes amid another controversy surrounding Alinity’s behavior with her pets. 

SleepyMia is a smaller Twitch streamer, who had nearly 15,000 followers prior to her ban. She regularly streamed games such as The Witcher 3, as well as frequenting the ‘Just Chatting’ category on Twitch.

However, on December 5 Mia incurred a ban from the streaming platform as a result of animal abuse. This led to her launching a scathing attack on the streaming platform, and their preferential treatment of Alinity, who has avoided bans despite controversy over her interactions with animals. 

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TwitchSleepyMia’s Twitch channel now displays the familiar message.

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Alinity has previously been embroiled in a number of controversies surrounding her behavior with her pets. The most recent came on December 3, when her dog interrupted her yoga pose and many felt the interaction was inappropriate. Alinity dismissed the backlash as “ridiculous”

SleepyMia has slammed Twitch for their failure to ban Alinity, after she was banned for alleged animal abuse. 

“I was banned for f**king animal abuse when I was playing with my f**king dog,” she tweeted. “Thank you Twitch. Me rolling and playing with my 90lbs pitbull.” Attached to the tweet was a gif of the infamous moment Alinity threw her cat overhead, for which she did not get banned. 

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She elucidated on the situation, explaining that she was banned for “audible yelps” coming from her dog. These are claims she denies, explaining that her dog rarely makes noise and none of her viewers made any complaints. 

She also alleged that Twitch have failed to provide any clips of the incident, fuelling her anger to a greater extent.

Mia also explains that the “audible yelps” Twitch heard likely came from her second dog, who suffers from a collapsed trachea and so makes some unusual sounds for a dog. 

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She concluded her rant with another dig at Alinity: “Remember kids, if you’re not a precious twitch staff waifu, don’t even dare to f**king TOUCH your animals.”

It is not the first time Twitch have been accused of preferential treatment, with many on the platform arguing their community guidelines are inconsistently enforced. Twitch do not comment publicly on community guideline violations, but may liaise privately with the streamer in question.

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