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Twitch streamer Forsen’s argument with toxic CSGO player is a true classic

Published: 7/Nov/2019 12:14 Updated: 7/Nov/2019 13:06

by Kamil Malinowski


Popular Twitch streamer Sebastien Hans ‘Forsen’ Eli Fors has been taking on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive on stream and recently encountered an incredibly toxic teammate.

Forsen is one of the most popular Twitch streamers in the world, gathering thousands of views in any game he chooses.

The Swede became popular when he was both a professional player and streamer in Hearthstone, but he quit the game in 2015 and has been enjoying a variety of games since, with CSGO making a constant appearance.

viagamehsForsen is one of the biggest Twitch streamers.

He was streaming Counter-Strike on November 6 when he met an incredibly toxic teammate that couldn’t help but rage after a death.

“Why you block me you moron?!” screamed Forsen’s teammate after dying in mid of Mirage. The streamer immediately fired back, unwilling to take the unjustified flame, saying “why are you going mid when you’re not going to jump out the window and when I have the f****** AWP?”

A massive argument then erupted, with both players arguing on who should be mid and whose fault this was. During the argument, the Swede managed to pick up three kills and secure the round for his team, all while being screamed at and firing back. 

This kind of argument is a true CS classic, with the Mirage window being contested by teammates since the beginning of time and always being a hot topic. 

Things were reaching a boiling point when Forsen told his teammate what he should have done instead, telling him to “jump out the f******* window” next time, to which he responded with “jump off a bridge you idiot, suck my d”.

Sebastien found his comment hilarious and laughed for a moment, before finishing off the argument with a “that was funny… but you’re still bad.”  

The players continued to butt heads throughout the game but still found a relatively easy win, losing only three rounds on the CT side before closing out the game 16-3. 


Day6’s Jae Park calls out “toxic” side of the K-Pop community

Published: 19/Nov/2020 18:28

by Dexerto


K-Pop star Jae Park from the band Day6 has outlined his thoughts on the pattern of “toxic” behavior from people on the internet, after reacting to hate comments live on a Twitch stream.

Day6 is a hugely popular five member K-Pop group that debuted in 2015, that has since gone on to secure a substantial fan base both in Korea and worldwide.

Jae is a vocalist and electric guitarist for the band, and while he originally grew up in the US, he moved to Korea when he was offered a contract with an entertainment company following his participation in a reality show.

It’s safe to say that the K-Pop industry is a booming one, and with its recent surge in popularity across the globe, a new crop of passionate fans have joined the ever-expanding community to support their favorite artists.

OfflineTV Jae Park Collab
OfflineTV / Instagram: Jae Park
Jae has been making waves on Twitch, and even collaborated OfflineTV.

However, it’s no secret that sometimes things can be taken to the extreme by certain people, leaving the reputation of the industry as a whole at stake. No one is more aware of this than the stars themselves, and in his November 17 stream, Jae shared his thoughts on the issue.

Jae Park shares his opinion on cancel culture

Initially, he shared a hate comment he once received online where somebody said “I like Jae better when he speaks Korean because he has less of an opinion.” Jae responded “isn’t that crazy” and added that “apparently opinions are cancellable offenses now.”

Jae went on to explain that “I don’t think they’re being rude. This is what I think is happening. I think the younger generation is starting to believe that that’s acceptable behavior.”

“The sad truth is that eventually within, I’d say within the next decade, all our faces are gonna be plastered onto our socials. They may be 14, 15, 12, even 20 or 30 now, what happens in ten years when they’re trying to get a job?… And they have this incredible history of toxic behavior plastered on their social media accounts. What happens then?”

He continued, “there’s a certain type of weight attached to that, and eventually, it’s not gonna be karma, it’s gonna be exactly what you said showing up on your feed ten years from now.” The chat was flooded with support for the star, with many who agreed with his point of view.

Jae continues to grow his Twitch following which currently sits at a little over 248,000, playing games like Detroit: Become Human and Among Us.