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Twitch streamer floored after receiving “insane” donation

Published: 20/Nov/2019 1:25

by Virginia Glaze


One lucky Twitch streamer met her donation goal thanks to a generous viewer. Her reaction to their massive cash drop is nothing short of jaw-dropping.

Live streaming sites like Twitch offer viewers a variety of ways to support their favorite broadcasters.

From sending bits to gifting subscriptions and even directly donating, fans have a myriad of ways to show their appreciation – but some fans take their support to the next level with huge cash donations.

TwitchFans of Twitch streamers can support their favorite broadcasters in many ways, such as sending bits.

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Texas-based Twitch streamer “kimcella” was in the middle of an IRL broadcast in the capital of neighboring state Oklahoma when she received a one such massive donation that rocked her world.


While kimcella was trudging her way through funding for a new PC, one of her viewers wiped out the entire amount on their own – gifting a whopping $700 for the computer costs.

“No, oh my gosh!” kimcella screamed as the donation amount flashed on her display screen. “This isn’t real! …that’s crazy. You said, ‘Since Paul was too much of a p***y to shave his head, PC goal…check.’ That’s insane, Sean!”

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That wasn’t the end of her excited rant, either, with the streamer going on to question if the donator even knew how much money they’d just given her.


“I know you’re real, because you were donating in embers before, and you can’t… that’s crazy,” she continued. “We made our donation goal for a PC. That means by the time, like – that means we can pick out exactly what it’s gonna be! …do you know that’s real money?”

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This wouldn’t be the first time a streamer has gotten emotional after receiving a huge donation, by far: in fact, rising Twitch star “Hachubby” had a similar reaction to a $1k gift in early June, slapping her desk and stepping away from her setup in a speechless stupor.


Much like kimcella, Hachubby was gifted the cash to buy a new computer – and it looks like both of these streamers are rocking new equipment, thanks to the shocking generosity of their dedicated fanbases.