Twitch streamer criticized for advice on being bullied: “Don’t be a p**sy”

Terry Oh
Twitch Streamer tells handicapped youth to stand up

During a September 4 Twitch broadcast, a streamer skimmed over a comment from a viewer and answered their dilemma, telling an apparently disabled 15-year-old to “stand up, don’t be a little p**sy.”

Twitch streamer Erica ‘Erica’ Alexis held a stream called “ADVICE STREAM,” where a fifteen-year-old high schooler came to her seeking advice.

In the ‘Tell me about your problems’ section, the youth left a statement outlining their predicament:

“I’m 15 and about to start my grade 10 year of high school. I have a disability that puts me in an electric scooter to get from class to class and I get bullied a lot. What do you think would help me in my situation?”

Erica skims the body of text, and instantly replies “I’m not giving advice to 15-year-olds.”

Despite this initial statement, she continues, “you get bullied? F**k em up bro. Stand up for yourself, don’t be a little p**sy.”

But she doesn’t stop there, continuing to lay down her advice.

“You’re getting bullied? Good. It’ll build character. If you didn’t get bullied growing up, you’re probably a p**sy now.”

It’s difficult to tell if she completely missed the portion where the youth stated they must use an electric scooter due to their disability.

But Erica keeps telling the anonymous youth to “stand up for yourself. That’s it.”

Twitch viewers in the chat, who had seen the full message, criticized her advice, with one donator saying “I like you, but what you just said was stupid.”

When a viewer said “this is a weird form of therapy” Erica replied, “this is called tough love. I know your parents maybe baby you, saying ‘oh my child is amazing.’ You’re not. You’re average.”

“That person has a disability mate did you read it,” another responded.

On Reddit, the clip gained traction, and commenters were also critical. “Not sure why people expect streamers to be some advice givers,” one said. “Talk to the people in your life, your family, your friends, a therapist, not some random man or woman streaming for entertainment purposes.”

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