Rising Twitch streamer Bridgett banned for sexual content [Updated]

by Calum Patterson
Twitch: Bridgett


A rising Twitch star, Bridgett Devoue, has been suspended from the platform for "sharing or engaging in sexually suggestive content or activities," after gaining notoriety in recent weeks for a number of clips that went viral.

Update, September 15, 10:00AM EST: Bridgett has now been unbanned, having served a three-day suspension for "engaging in sexually suggestive content", but has not had further clarification for her ban.


Although Bridgett has been streaming since mid-2018, she has enjoyed a spike in followers in August and September of 2019, partly due to her appearance on the popular Twitch dating show on Rajj Patel's channel.

She then also went viral on the platform, after offering to make a sex tape with Overwatch streamer Felix 'xQc' Lengyel, which quickly did the rounds on Reddit and social media. Her channel had been averaging over 1,200 concurrent viewers in the week leading up to her suspension. 


Bridgett has grown exponentially, but her progress has been halted by a suspension.

Why was Bridgett banned on Twitch?

Although she has been criticized for her choice of attire and the content of her streams, even hitting back at accusations that her broadcasts were akin to porn, it's possible that it is not the content of her streams which have caused the ban.

Rather, there is speculation that, in fact, her stream viewers could be to blame, or more precisely, her failure to properly moderate and maintain her chat.

At the time of writing, it cannot be confirmed if this was indeed the cause of Bridgett's ban, but the ban length was confirmed as three days.

Instagram: Bridgett Devoue
Instagram: Bridgett Devoue
Bridgett is a rising star on the platform.



Update, September 15, 5:20 EST: Speaking to Dexerto, Bridgett has explained that she was banned for "Sharing or engaging in sexually suggestive content or activities", but says she was given no exact example of the violation.

Some have suggested that Bridgett's chat could have been to blame for her ban, if it was not properly moderated, but she explained: "I always ban anything racist, sexist, homophobic or generally offensive or in bad taste, I have zero tolerance for that."

While she respects the decision, Bridgett has asked that a more specific reason for the ban be given by Twitch, to help her and other streamers avoid the same pitfall.


All broadcasters are, to an extent, responsible for the actions of their community. In their community guidelines, Twitch states: "Creators are role models and leaders of the communities they create or foster around them. (...) We ask that you make a good faith effort to quell any efforts from those in your community to harass others."

In isolation, failure to appropriately moderate may not be cause for a full suspension, but some users have suggested that Bridgett was making no efforts to properly moderate her chat, stating "This is what happens when you have no control over your stream or chat (...) the ban hammer is gonna strike."

Streamers are also asked to "Moderate their chat" sufficiently, such as "adding keywords to your Blocked words list" and "recruiting trusted Moderators."