Twitch streamer Anomaly banned for using Hitler skin in Minecraft

Matt Porter
Instagram: Anomaly

Popular Minecraft skin depicting Adolf Hitler during a broadcast.

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Anomaly is mainly a CS:GO streamer, but as the Minecraft craze sweeps the world once again thanks to YouTube stars like PewDiePie, the Swede decided he would jump on the popular sandbox game and give it a go himself.

The streamer suffered an unfortunate incident when he went to his inventory in the game to check what materials he had, accidentally revealing an inappropriate skin that his character was wearing that was designed to look like Adolf Hitler.

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Following his error, Anomaly, who can see the funny side of what happened, immediately goes to change his skin, but it appears that this wasn’t enough to stop him from receiving a ban from Twitch.

While the incident took place over seven days ago, it appears that Twitch have only now decided to ban him, much to his dismay.

Instagram: anomaly
Anomaly has been banned for showing his Minecraft skin on Twitch.
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In a tweet posted on Monday, July 29, Anomaly confirmed that he had been banned because “[He] accidentally showed a Minecraft skin for less than two seconds,” and that his ban was set to last for 30 days.

The Swede plans to appeal his suspension, stating that he believes that the length is “quite excessive,” and hopes that through appeal he will be able to get it reduced or overturned.

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As for why he had the skin in the first place, the streamer stated that he had the skin because they planned to film a skit called “Meinkraft,” but forgot to change back to his normal skin.

Whether Anomaly’s appeal will be successful remains to be seen, but with Hasan Piker able to convince Twitch to shorten the length of his ban for using his phone while in the car, it may give him so hope that he may be back on Twitch sooner rather than later.

Should he serve his full 30 day ban, he won’t be able to return to the popular streaming platform until Wednesday, August 28. Dexerto have reached out to Anomaly for comment on the matter.