Twitch star THump raises insane amount for fan with rare condition

Michael Gwilliam

Fortnite streamer ‘THump’ took it upon himself to raise money for a member of his community suffering from an extremely rare illness and the outcome was better than he anticipated with help from DrLupo.

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On September 3, the popular broadcaster announced he would be doing a charity stream for Holly, also known as OLimitedEdition or oLTDEdition. The goal was to earn enough so the aspiring streamer could afford a new PC and drawing tablet so she can create emotes. 

Holly was diagnosed with an extremely rare condition called Frank Ter Haar syndrome. The condition is so rare it only affects 3 people in the world. The disease affects one’s eyes, heart, and causes skeletal abnormalities.

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During the stream, the positive Twitch star set up the command !Holly in chat which would result in a message asking users, “If you would like to contribute just click the donation button below the stream and it will link you to her streamlabs. No donations from my stream today will go towards me. Anything raised over the $5000 will also go to Holly to spend on whatever she wants.”

Well, with help from fellow streamer Benjamin ‘DrLupo’ Lupo who donated $1,000 and RiotSquad who gave $2,000, THump was able to raise $5.5K for Holly. 

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“5.5k raised for @oLTDEdition. That’s insane man. Thank you guys so much if you donated. HUGE shoutout to @RiotSquad for the $2,000 donation and @DrLupo for the $1,000 donation. Unreal positivity,” the overjoyed player tweeted.

Holly was over the moon upon seeing the results of the fundraiser: “Woken up this has left me speechless thank you to everyone x100 you have allowed me to open new doors so I can have an amazing PC for streaming and a good drawing tablet so I can make my emotes 10x better, I don’t know how to express this in words lmfao this is amazing & unreal,” she said. 

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On August 2, 2019 oLTDEdition went public with her story. The 18-year-old posted a photo of herself seven years to the day having open heart surgery. 

In a TwitLonger post, the Twitch streamer went into detail regarding her conditions, surgeries and scary ordeals she has gone through in life. Yet despite everything, she still keeps on fighting and won’t give up. 

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“The reason I am writing this is not for sympathy. It is because I have fought quite literally for my life to be here multiple times,” the girl wrote. “I am coming forward with who I am because This is the bravest thing I have ever done, considering what I have been through so I hope to of helped people to do the same…” 

With people like THump having her back, it’s clear Holly has good friends and Twitch on her side.