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Twitch reveals new rewind feature coming as part of streaming experiment

Published: 21/Oct/2021 3:30

by Brad Norton


Three new features are in the works at Twitch as a new experiment has teased everything from rewind capabilities to stream reminders coming soon.

As one of the leading livestream platforms on the internet today, Twitch is constantly under the microscope. Any subtle changes or Earth-shattering leaks can often send shockwaves throughout the online entertainment industry. While some recent ideas from the Amazon-backed platform have come under fire right away, others are often welcome additions to the streaming and viewing experience.

The latest batch of improvements is sure to fall under the latter category as Twitch announced three new features currently in the works: Rewinding, setting reminders, and watching trailers are all part of their new experiments.


“Over the next month, some viewers may see up to three new buttons on live channels,” the official Twitch Support Twitter account revealed. Although these buttons are set to be removed at the end of the testing period, they will be “informing future features.”

The first new button is labeled ‘Rewind the Stream.’

As the name implies, viewers have the power to rewind a live broadcast with this new feature. Rather than clipping the last chunk of a stream, rewinding should allow viewers to go back much further.

Whether you’re late to join your favorite streamer’s big event, or you just want to rewatch someone’s previous multiplayer match, for instance, this feature should accommodate you.


Next up is the Remind Me feature. This seems to be a simple addition that does what is says on the tin: reminds you as your favorite streamers are going live. 

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Select viewers on Twitch are now able to rewind through any livestream on the platform.

Last but not least is the Watch Trailer button. This appears to allow new viewers to watch stream channel trailers without needing to manually navigate to a profile page. All three features are set to be live for select users over the course of a month, Twitch has confirmed.

It’s worth noting not every feature is guaranteed to make it. However, it’s safe to expect to see some of the new additions rolled out globally in months to come.