Twitch mod pranks streamer with OBS after losing sight of spider - Dexerto

Twitch mod pranks streamer with OBS after losing sight of spider

Published: 19/Nov/2019 19:14

by Michael Gwilliam


Popular Twitch streamer Jaycgee was pranked by one of her admins by putting a spider on her screen with OBS after she failed to find a missing spider that roamed her desk while playing Pokemon.

The former New Yorker was in the middle of playing Pokemon Sword and Shield when she noticed a spider crawl her keyboard.

Usually, this wouldn’t have been a big deal, and the streamer would have just killed it and gone on with her stream. However, the bug managed to vanish before her very eyes. Confused, she used her phone’s flashlight to search under her desk for anywhere the creature may have run off to.


Unfortunately for Jay, her search efforts turned up empty, prompting the streamer to be overly cautious as she continued playing. As she did, however, she kept her eyes peeled for the creepy crawler.

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“Did my eyes just play a trick on me?” she asked her chat while getting out of her chair. “No way, dude. No way. I saw it!”

Just like Sarah Connor in the Terminator Franchise, Jay proceeded to explain to her chat that she saw something while they all thought she was going crazy. It was truly bizarre and almost seemed like she was trying to convince herself the spider was real.


“You guys, I am not…” she trailed off while searching her gaming chair for the spider’s corpse. “I saw it. I was like a little baby spider.”

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Eventually, one of her mods decided to pull a prank on the freaked out Pokemon trainer by adding an animated spider to her screen.

“Did my eyes really f*ck with me like that? I don’t see anything. Nothing crawled away from me. There’s nowhere else for it to run,” she wondered just before noticing the big black eight-legged insect on the screen.

After laying eyes on her monitor, she shrieked after noticing the animated bug. “I’m banning who made that!”


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Just then, her mod, PewFeed, joked in chat writing, “GOT EM” and “BAN ME B*TCH.”

“PewFeed, get out! Get out! Get out!” cried the terrified entertainer.

While the whole encounter was funny, one has to wonder what happened to the actual spider Jaycgee saw or if it was even real. For all we know, the spider could have been even rarer than a shiny Pokemon in the game she was playing.