Twitch mod for female streamers makes shocking confession that disgusts viewers

Twitch: Dallas Galley

A Twitch streamer and alleged mod for several other female streamers, Dallas Galley, made a confession live on stream to strangers in a bar that he had an accident in “his pants” after hugging his favorite female streamer.

Being a fan of your favorite streamer is one thing, however, there are some fans who may take it a step too far. This is how most viewers felt about Dallas Galley when he admitted a disturbing confession live on stream.

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In a recent IRL livestream, of which the VOD has since been deleted, he can be seen in a bar talking to strangers. The conversation was rather explicit, with Galley detailing how when he had met a female streamer, one that he supposedly moderates for, he had an accident “in his pants” after hugging her.

“I met a girl, who’s a streamer, I went up to her, I hugged her, and I c*** in my pants” he admitted with zero regard to the embarrassing nature of the confession, nor the fact he was sharing it with those watching live. The others he was talking to decided to egg him on, saying he “needs to get laid a little more often”.

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However, DallasGalley is quite infamous on Twitch. He was once known as Twitch’s “biggest simp”, as he was a regular in many of Twitch’s biggest female streamers’ broadcasts.

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In fact, this wasn’t even the first time he had confessed to this act. In a video by Built Different about Dallas, he admitted in an interview that it has happened multiple times, but this time naming the said streamer.

“There was one time I met STPeach, she gave me a hug, I met her for the first time, and I ended up j***ing my pants,” he admits in the video, leaving the interviewer stunned. Even admitting that it happened again, but this time during a party.

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“I think one other time, this was like the third TwitchCon, but this was at a party when I was drunk,” he said. “There were a bunch of girls dancing up on me, and I, yeah…”

For now, he has faced no repercussions and is still active on Twitch.

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