Twitch hire controversial psychic as TwitchCon Ambassador and people aren’t happy - Dexerto

Twitch hire controversial psychic as TwitchCon Ambassador and people aren’t happy

Published: 6/Jul/2019 19:38 Updated: 6/Jul/2019 19:40

by Virginia Glaze


As the summer months sprawl on, TwitchCon 2019 approaches, taking place in San Diego, California – but the event is already being met with some controversy, after the livestreaming platform chose a unique face to represent its brand.

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While TwitchCon has seen a slew of popular ambassadors over the years, one face is sticking out, in particular – with some angry fans even calling the streamer a “con artist.”

Popular broadcaster and “sassy” Tarot card-reading psychic Anthony ‘antphrodite’ has been in the business for years, taking on multiple clients and even creating celebrity readings on his YouTube channel.

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However, not everyone is pleased with antphrodite’s presence on Twitch, after he was chosen by the company to represent them as a TwitchCon ambassador, as announced in a Tweet on July 6.

“You may have heard of our third TwitchCon Ambassador antphrodite—Twitch’s very own sassy psychic,” the Tweet reads. “With his mix of memes and the paranormal, every stream is a witty, weird adventure.”

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Although some commenters were excited with Twitch’s decision to use antphrodite as a TwitchCon ambassador, others were not as thrilled about the sassy psychic’s status with the convention, as told by a few angry Tweets on the subject.


“Yikes, not hating on this dude’s personality,” one commenter wrote. “However, idk about the whole psychic thing being pushed any further then a gag… seams harmful.”

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“Hey quick question: Will I, too, get promoted as an ambassador if I start scamming people on twitch?” another said of the matter. “For only $99.99, I’ll tell you which of your body parts you need to cut off to find true happiness!”

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This wouldn’t be the first time antphrodite has been met with controversy, by far: the streamer likewise came under fire in early June, after appearing to advise a client to leave her husband during a broadcast.


Antphrodite’s comments on the matter were met with vitriol across the net, with some commenters claiming that it might be “best for the man that they get a divorce because, I don’t think he would want to be with someone that goes on Twitch to see what she should do in her relationship.”

Commenters weren’t happy about antphrodite’s reading.

Neither antphrodite nor Twitch have spoken out on the backlash as of the publication of this article.