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Entertainment • Jul 06, 2019

Fans worried for TSM Myth’s safety after latest adulting fail

Fans worried for TSM Myth’s safety after latest adulting fail
Myth - Twitch / COIT

TSM member Ali 'Myth' Kabbani followed up his shower curtain blunder with something a bit more dangerous, this time covering up an air vent with a t-shirt.


Myth has been living at the TSM house in Los Angeles ever since he moved out of his parents' house in Michigan, and he's had some growing pains along the way.

While he's been successful as a Fortnite streamer, the real-life aspect of his adventure has been pretty hit or miss.

Twitter: Myth
Myth is a super popular Fortnite streamer.


After ramming a rod through his shower curtain without using rings, Myth was dragged by social media, with many laughing at his thought process behind the whole thing.

That was a relatively harmless mistake to make, but what he decided to do with an air vent could potentially be quite dangerous.


What did he do?

He tweeted about how a shirt and duct tape can solve all of your problems. That isn't problematic on its own, but when he revealed he did it to cover an air vent, that's where some issues arose.

A picture showed that he completely covered up the vent, which led many replies concerned about his safety, as this can not only cause issues for the air conditioning but could also be a fire hazard.


He attempted to quell those concerns by posting a follow-up picture showing that the vent isn't fully covered.

It didn't really help alleviate any worries, but replies did find it to be a humorous, albeit unintentional, diss on Apex Legends since he used an Apex shirt to cover up the vent.


It does seem like it'd be easier to just turn off the air or put on some extra layers of clothes if he's really that cold, but we can't blame the dude for trying. 

Hopefully he'll be able to find a safer way to fix his problem though!

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