Twitch releases epic Shroud tribute after his move to Mixer

. 3 years ago

CSGO star became the second major streamer to join the platform after Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins. The Microsoft-owned Twitch rival is trying to cement themselves in the space by hoisting big names over, and the stats so far are looking positive.

However, Twitch didn’t let one of their greatest streamers go without one last goodbye. After starting his full-time streaming career in 2017, he catapulted up the ranks to be one of the faces of the platform until he left.

Twitter: Shroud
Shroud has been streaming on Mixer since October 24.
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In an October 28 tweet, Twitch published a two-minute montage of Shroud’s streaming journey, from when he departed Cloud9 to take up streaming full-time, to when he left for Mixer.

The video was simply captioned “GLHF, @shroud,” wishing the streamer the best of luck on his newest venture in broadcasting.

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The short clip highlights some of the FPS star’s greatest plays on the platform, including nice one-Deags, jumping AWP shots, and PUBG spraydowns. 

The tribute also highlighted Shroud’s meteoric rise, breaking through the 100,000 subscriber barrier in March 2019, and how he shared that with the wider Twitch community. 

Shroud often raided smaller streamers after his day was done, with his supporter base raining down subscribers and donations on whoever they landed on.

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The way Twitch have handled Shroud’s departure from the platform is markedly better than they did with Fortnite star Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins. The streaming service was embroiled in controversy after graphic content was shown on Ninja’s channel after he left Twitch for Mixer in August.

They learned their lessons for Shroud though. Shroud subscribers were gifted a month’s free subscription to another Twitch streamer of their choosing, with the offer expiring in November. 

Twitch also kept Shroud’s page untouched, with the streamer still hosting the likes of Tyler ‘Skadoodle’ Latham and Jordan ‘n0thing’ Gilbert. 

Twitch: Shroud
Shroud’s Twitch page looks exactly the same as it did before.
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The touching tribute was just the icing on the cake for a monumental success story on the platform. Shroud seemed to appreciate it too, with the now-Mixer star retweeting the video shortly after it went live.

With a bevy of other streamers rumored to be departing soon, who knows who else Twitch will be saying “GLHF” to on their journeys to unknown waters.

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