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Twitch artist banned for browsing controversial website on stream

Published: 26/Sep/2019 23:51 Updated: 14/Apr/2020 11:02

by Virginia Glaze


Of the many divisive websites that scatter the net, 4Chan is one of the most controversial, having a storied and problematic past – and one Twitch streamer paid the price for visiting the platform during a broadcast.

Twitch artist “Nysttren” went on a heated tirade regarding the website on September 26, after a 4Chan user had requested a drawing of Demon Slayer’s “Nezuko Kamado” in a bunny outfit.

However, the user didn’t seem to be very appreciative of Nysttren’s product, replying with a passive-aggressive gif in with an equally passive-aggressive filename that admitted they had requested the art as a “joke.”


“For some reason, I always seem to deliver for the most ungrateful pieces of sh*t on this website, every time,” Nysttren said of the response. “That’s why I stopped fulfilling requests on these types of threads, because I would always deliver for people that don’t deserve it, right?”

While her rant was certainly warranted, it looks like her visit to 4Chan may not have been in her best interests, as the streamer was hit with a one-day ban from Twitch after showing the site during her broadcast.

According to an email shown in her Tweet on the subject, Nysttren was banned for “browsing websites or apps featuring content that violates Twitch’s community guidelines,” prompting the streamer to write, “Omg I’m famous now.”


Nysttren wouldn’t be the first Twitch streamer to receive a ban for violating the site’s community guidelines as of late, either: “pin-up” artist “Saruei” was similarly hit with a ban after drawing images of “Fate/Grand Order” characters earlier this month, later lashing out at the site due to creating similar kinds of content for a year before being punished.

Nysttren’s ban likewise follows several instances of controversial moderation choices from Twitch, with one streamer being banned for five weeks due to a “mistake” by staff and another for showing a Pink Floyd poster during another streamer’s broadcast.


Despite not showing any inappropriate content and even browsing a safe version of the site, Nysttren received a 24-hour ban – the latest in a string of confusing suspensions doled out by Twitch.