Twitch "pin-up" artist responds after controversial sexual content ban

by Calum Patterson


Popular Twitch streamer and artist Sareui has responded after she was handed a suspension from the platform for what was deemed to be 'sexually suggestive content'.

As the streamer explains, she drew characters from the game Fate/Grand Order, and would depict them "exactly the same as they are in the game; which is allowed to be streamed on Twitch's platform."

However, in notifying Sareui of her ban, Twitch described the content as "not in adequacy with the rules of the platform, including subjective / sexualized poses. The angle of the drawings focus on the butt in particular.”

Twitch: Saruei
Twitch: Saruei
Sareui was notified of her three-day suspension while live.

Sareui was immediately angered by the decision, exclaiming: “There’s fucking girls squatting in front of the webcam, showing off their ass,” highlighting the supposed hypocrisy of the decision. 

Others also pointed out on social media that body-painting streams are allowed, where often the broadcaster is bare-chested except for the paint and some small covers.

Responding in a statement on September 17, Sareui explains that when she first received a warning from the platform she replied to ask for more precise guidelines, but was not given an answer. "I don't understand how I've broken the rules," the streamer states, "because I've been creating this type of content for over a year on the platform.

Accompanying her statement, Sareui also provided examples of her art, saying: "I like to draw poses from a different angle, because I feel it adds a certain dynamic to my drawings.

"I think the main problem was that in two of my latest drawings you could see the slight shape of a cameltoe. I say 'think', because I have never received a clear answer," Sareui continued.


Examples of Saruei's art, provided with explanation.


Concluding her statement, Saruei clarified that she is not, as she has been described, a "Hentai" artist, rather simply "an illustrator that draws characters in a pin-up style."

What does Twitch say?

Twitch does not comment on community guideline violations, and so their decision can only be explained with their publicly available rules.

"We restrict content that involves nudity or is sexual in nature" Twitch states, continuing, "While we understand that some nudity or sexual content might be intended for educational, scientific, artistic, newsworthy, or academic purposes, we restrict this content due to the diversity in age and cultural backgrounds of our global community."

Twitch: ZombiUnicorn / KayPikeFashion
Twitch: ZombiUnicorn / KayPikeFashion
Streamers ZombiUnicorn and KayPikeFashion were not deemed to have violated community guidelines with body-paintng streams.

So, by this ruling, artistic content which is sexually suggestive does indeed breach community guidelines, but there are concerns that this rule is not applied consistently.

Body-painting streams, for example, are permitted, even though they could be considered sexually suggestive, as are dancing and fitness streams, where broadcasters are often scantily clad. One body-painting streamer was banned after inadvertently turning their stream on too early.

Sareui's real concern does not seem to be whether or not her ban was justified, but that the ruling lacked clarification, which would enable her to avoid breaching the rules again.