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Trovo’s stream viewership grows 60% across early 2021

Published: 3/Jun/2021 14:00 Updated: 24/Jul/2021 14:22

by Joe Craven


Streaming platform Trovo has experienced incredible success so far in 2021, seeing a 60% growth in viewership across the first quarter of 2021. 

While video game streaming has long been dominated by Twitch, there appears to be a new kid on the block. 2020 saw the collapse of Mixer, and the emergence of Trovo, a new streaming platform from Chinese tech company Tencent.

It has focused on promoting mobile games and grass-root esports, and has seen its viewership rise consistently across 2020. Its audience, though has exploded in early 2021, marking a major increase on its early figures, in terms of hours watched.

In Q3 of its launch year, Trovo racked up 8.67 million hours of watch time. The final quarter of 2020 saw this figure rise to 20.81 million hours. The growth was already well underway, but Trovo’s explosion in early 2021 may have surprised even the platform itself.


For the first three months of 2021 they racked up 47.57 million hours, over 5 times more than Q3 of 2020. It is a hallmark of a streaming platform on the up, attracting new viewers thanks to its diversity of content and focus on mobile gaming.

Not only does hours watched suggest viewers are investing more time, but also that there are considerably more viewers investing their free time into Trovo.

Trovo Streaming Platform Hours Watched

Trovo Brand Manager, Silu Wang, spoke to StreamsCharts about the exponential growth: “Diversity and inclusiveness are key to Trovo’s aims. We prioritized mobile gaming when we first started because the mobile gaming community was not really a priority anywhere else and that did not sound right to us at all.


“However, prioritizing mobile gaming doesn’t mean we ignore other communities. Respecting all communities on our platform and serving these communities in each respective way are what we are aiming at.”

The most popular categories on Trovo continue to be Grand Theft Auto and Call of Duty but, with the platform’s growth only going one way, we could see the prominence of other titles improve massively.