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Trovo announces ‘True Colors’ Birthday Bounty event

Published: 20/May/2021 9:00 Updated: 24/Jul/2021 2:03

by Alex Tsiaoussidis


To celebrate their first birthday and the diversity of personalities on their platform, Trovo announced the ‘True Colors’ Birthday Bounty event, which includes daily challenges for streamers to complete. Here are all the details.

Trovo burst onto the scene as a live stream platform dedicated to supporting mobile games and grassroots esports, and it’s been turning heads ever since.

Not only did they host a $250,000 Trove Titans community tournament, but they also started selling NFTs of clips from broadcasters’ streams that fans can purchase in exclusive drops.

Now, to celebrate their first birthday after a successful debut year, they’ve kept the momentum rolling on with the announcement of the ‘True Colors’ Birthday Bounty event, which is something all streamers can participate in.


Trovo year 1 stats
Trovo had a tremendous first year.

How to complete Trovo True Colors Birthday Bounty event

The premise of the event is simple. Trovo has an “amazing and supportive” community that’s made up of people from “all over the world” with “unique” personalities. They’ve categorized them into a list with matching colors.

Trovo announces 'true colors' birthday bounty event
Trovo categorized people into seven different personality types.

To celebrate that, along with their first birthday, they’ve created a series of daily challenges that correspond to these different colors and personalities. They take place between May 21 — May 27. Completing them will result in giveaways and prizes.

Here’s everything you need to know, including what the challenges are and which days you’ll need to complete them on.

Bold & Strong (Green) – May 21

  • Win a match as a tank-type character in any multiplayer game
  • After you win a match in any game, let out a battle cry on stream

Wise &  Kind (Red) – May 22

  • Teach your stream the game you’re best at
  • Explain how you stream, settings, getting started on Trovo

Calm & Collected (Blue) – May 23

  • Stream the game that relaxes you most for three hours
  • Come back and win a game when your team is behind
  • Pull off (at least) a 1v3 moment in any game

Inclusive & Caring (Cyan) – May 24

  • Win a match in Valorant, league of Legends, or Rocket League as a full team
  • Play your favorite small developer/indie game for two hours

Sassy &  Stylish (Pink) – May 25

  • Cosplay as your favorite video game character
  • Submit social costs of your favorite in-game outfit

Dynamic & Fun (Orange) – May 26

  • Get first place in TFT, Warzone, and win a game of League of Legends

Clever & Witty (Yellow) – May 27

  • Submit on social media a slip of you outplaying your opponents
  • Win a public match of Geoguessr Battle Royale on stream
Trovo announces 'true colors' birthday bounty event
The daily correspond to different colors and personality types.

Once the event wraps up on May 28, Trovo will giveaway additional prizes to everyone, regardless of whether or not they completed the challenges.


So, what are you waiting for? Hop onto the platform and give it a go. Trovo’s success is a cause of celebration, and what better way to do that than have some fun on stream!