Tony Lopez finally responds to grooming allegations: “Lies, Lies, Lies”

Instagram, @lopez_tony

Weeks after being sued for allegedly soliciting minors, TikTok star Tony Lopez has finally delivered a series of denying responses to the grooming allegations on TikTok.

Back in August 2020, a 21-year-old Tony Lopez was accused of explicitly messaging an underage girl in a video that went viral. This incident sparked massive backlash across the social media influencer’s web presence and led to a formal apology from the TikTokker within weeks.

But the situation did not end there, as a January report indicated that Lopez was being sued by two minors for “sexual battery and emotional distress.” One of the allegations also specified that Lopez, knowing the girl was underage, decided to meet in person and “engaged in unlawful sexual acts.”

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Later, the accused influencer let TMZ know that the allegations were fabricated. While the results of this lawsuit have yet to be reached, Lopez has now, months later, doubled down on earlier assertions that he is innocent. 

tony lopez twitter apologyTwitter, @lopez__tony
Tony Lopez’s August apology on Twitter.

While Lopez originally responded on August 22, 2020 solely by apologizing for poor decisions and promising to hold himself accountable, his comments on the lawsuit shifted in a different direction.

In a TMZ report, the TikTok star clarified that the “allegations are not at all true” and that, regarding the lawsuit, he would “fight it to the very end.”

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It remains unknown when the “end” of that legal dispute may be, but Lopez is most certainly ‘fighting’ back — as he has now come under extreme backlash for a pointed, albeit brief new TikTok.

As Def Noodles indicates, the video’s caption was “the truth always comes out” and, as seen in the video, his resounding response is concise (and repetitive): “Lies, Lies, Lies.”

Although this isn’t necessarily a response to the accusations, it feels almost impossible that it is not. Adding further reason for that sentiment, the video’s timing is relevant as it was posted later on the same day that Harry Jowsey posted a TikTok joking about Lopez being his “prisoner pen pal.”

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A viewer referenced this video in the comments, to which Lopez replied with a blunt “Who?” Of course, Jowsey took the influencer to task by clapping back himself: “Wouldn’t expect him to know who I am, I’m over the age of 16.”

While the social media barbs may be entertaining for fans of influencer drama, Lopez’s response appears not to satisfy anyone. At his point, it seems that critics will only be comfortable with a response in court.

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