Tommy Fury camp responds to Jake Paul fight rumors of 2023 clash

Tommy Fury posing in front of trees with Jake Paul inside boxing gym with flagsInstagram: Tommy Fury/YouTube: Jake Paul

Tommy Fury’s dad, John Fury, has given an update on the rumors about his son fighting Jake Paul in 2023, with a fight in the UK reportedly in the offing. 

A fight between Jake Paul and Tommy Fury has been brewing for years, and there has never been more interest than now, as the pair have had two fight dates canceled.

Both proposed fight nights have been canceled due to problems on Tommy’s end of things, first with him suffering an injury and then with him being unable to get into the United States. And while Jake has claimed he’d rather fight someone else, he has spoken about the possibility of the pair fighting next year.

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The ‘Problem Child’ recently noted that there have been rumors of the two fighting in February, and he’s even willing to travel to the UK to make the fight happen at long last.

Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury fight could happen in 2023

Well, Tommy’s Fury dad – John Fury – has given some insight into those rumors, suggesting that a fight between the two is “very much alive” at this point.

Speaking to MirrorFighting about recent talks with Jake’s camp, Fury said: “Everything was very positive. We want this to happen so we will be sitting down to sort it and make sure a deal will be finalised this time.

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“The fight is very much alive. Take the Jake Paul it is what the fans want. Boxing is all about the entertainment business, and Tommy and Jake Paul is entertainment.” The long-time boxing coach said that the Fury’s will “accommodate” a fight with Jake next year as the pair want to finally settle things.

How to watch Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury 2022Instagram: jakepaul
Jake Paul and Tommy Fury finally agreed to a fight on August 6, 2022 – but extenuating circumstances put their bout on hold.

As it stands, Jake is set to fight Anderson Silva at the end of October, and fighting again in February wouldn’t represent much turnaround time.

On top of that, Jake has suggested that he’s preparing for a move into the world of MMA soon, which would put a delay on things. So, we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

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