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TimTheTatman perfectly roasts entitled Twitch viewers

Published: 16/Apr/2020 10:28 Updated: 16/Apr/2020 10:41

by Joe Craven


Popular Twitch streamer Timothy ‘TimTheTatman’ Betar has revealed the difficulty behind swapping games as a prominent content creator, even mocking the attitude of some Twitch viewers. 

Betar is a veteran of the streaming world, having established his Twitch channel way back in 2012. Now, thanks mainly to the popularity of Epic Games’ Fortnite, Betar runs the sixth most followed account on all of Twitch.

Recently, like many other content creators on Twitch, Tim has shifted away from Fortnite, citing a number of issues that have caused the game to decline in popularity. However, on April 15, the 30-year-old revealed the difficulties of changing titles as an established streamer.


Twitch: TimTheTatman
Tim is known for his interactions with other streaming powerhouses, like Ninja and CouRage.

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In a video posted to the streamer’s Twitter, he revealed the difficulties that come with changing titles, including the potential backlash of viewers who have grown accustomed to seeing a certain game being played.

“Every time I make a major switch,” he said, “Call of Duty: Black Ops II, very beginning of my stream, [I] started to play Counter Strike. People came in: ‘Dude, you’re not playing Call of Duty anymore? Whatever bro. Okay dude. That game made you. This stream’s gonna die now.'”

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He repeated the impersonations for his transition from Counter Strike to Overwatch, and then from Overwatch to Fortnite.


“Fortnite back to Call of Duty,” he finished. “‘Dude! You’re not playing Fortnite anymore dude!? That game made you!’ And now here we are, playing some Valorant. ‘Dude!'”

In essence, Tim is criticizing Twitch viewers for their attitudes when streamers switch games. It is only natural that streamers sometimes grow bored or frustrated of certain games, and want to try their hand at something else.

Regardless, Tim’s ability to transition between titles and maintain his trademark humility and talent is one of the main reasons he has been able to stay at the top of Twitch, even after his departure from Fortnite. We don’t think he’s going anywhere.