TikToker wows Apex Legends fans with perfect Mad Maggie impression

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an image of mad maggie in apex legends
Respawn Entertainment, TikTok: @arohak12

TikToker arohak12_ has Apex Legends players going wild as the content creator’s voice bears an uncanny resemblance to Mad Maggie.

Apex Legends players have welcomed the formidable Mad Maggie with open arms after the Legend arrived in Season 12. TikToker arohak12_ has players hooked on her videos, as the TikToker’s voice sounds exactly like the popular Legend.

After receiving heaps of comments noting the similarity, the TikToker has responded to Apex Legends players on the viral video platform.

Mad Maggie art Defiance
Respawn Entertainment
Mad Maggie went live with Apex Legends Season 12.

TikToker shows off Mad Maggie impression

TikToker arohak12_ explained in a response video to Apex Legends players that “I have had a lot of people commenting Maggie in the comments section, and I’m thinking who the f*** is Maggie?”

After doing some research, the TikToker realized that users were referring to the Apex Legends character of the same name.

“A lot of you followers reckon I sound like her…I jumped on YouTube and did a watch of some videos…so I thought I’d drop some Mad Maggie lines,” she said. As the TikToker is unfamiliar with the Legend, she did clarify that her impression might not be pitch-perfect.

Click here if the TikTok doesn’t load

Click here if the TikTok doesn’t load

“Don’t gimme a hard time! I tried! Maybe I should get into character 1st next time” the content creator joked in the comments section.

Apex Legends players haven’t hesitated to show their praise, with TikTok user @dotgovve saying “You sound exactly like her!”

Another commenter agreed: “It actually blows my mind you sound exactly like her.”

Mad Maggie is the first character to be of Polynesian heritage, which arohak12 shares with the Legend. Responding to further player questions, the TikToker explained some of the Māori language used by Mad Maggie.

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