TikToker worships anime waifu religiously, converts his house into a church for her

Jeremy Gan
Tobyn Jacobs waifu church

A TikToker worships his waifu so religiously that he has completely revamped his house into a church for Sayaka Maizono from Danganropa. 

Otakus can be very – fervent – when it comes to their chosen waifus. The term, originating from the various anime forums of the 2000s and 2010s, means an anime (or fictional) female who you see as your favorite character.

Emphasis on favorite, as many anime fans will go to bat for their chosen waifus, with a myriad of forum threads of otakus arguing over who is the best waifu in a given show, or in general. 

To demonstrate their love and dedication for their waifus, you’ll often find otakus buying figurines, posters, and even body pillows of their favorites. But some, like TikToker Tobyn Jacobs, go the extra mile in creating unfathomably large paper art of their waifu. 


In a two-minute video, Jacobs showed his true dedication to Maizono, revealing pictures of both of them going on dates to a zoo, restaurants, and the cinemas. The video then slowly began to unravel just how deep his dedication goes. 

He has; a cutout of Maizono on an RC car so she can move around with him, all his consoles and game discs has pictures of her on them, he follows over 200 Maizono fan accounts, spent over $500 in commissioned art of Maizono, owns a medieval chainmail armor adorned with pins of Maizono he has collected which goes with a Maizono sword and shield, he turned his house into a “Maizono church” complete with altar, a choir and worship room, custom made guns and knives with Maizono on them to protect the church, and dozens of custom made cut-outs of Maizono one of which is half the length of a tennis court. 

Kazutaka Kodaka, creator of Danganropa, even commented on the video saying it was amazing. Though a plethora of others have called it, “unhinged”, with Tobyn even agreeing so in jest. 

But, despite the joking nature of it, Tobyn is clearly very dedicated to his craft of paper art. He has created various cut-outs and paper models of other anime characters and streamers too, some of which are surreal in number and size. 

“I post the things I do because I simply want to, and I’m not really afraid to showcase a side of myself which could be seen as embarrassing,” he said in a video explaining his art. 

“As not posting these things would mean people not knowing who I truly am, and doing that is exhausting as being something you’re not and never letting your creative urges out.”

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