TikToker uses Instagram to expose stalker three years after breaking up

Connor McCrory
Instagram: Bella Foofellah

A TikTok user has gone viral after uploading a video exposing her ex-boyfriend still stalking her Instagram three years after breaking up.

TikTok user Bella foofellah, 25, has recently gone viral after exposeing her ex-boyfriend of three years for allegedly stalking her social media accounts.

The TikToker claims that she was able to track the IP address of her ex-boyfriend. She supposedly did this through a link embedded in her Instagram bio linking back to the influencer’s Tumblr profile.

How TikToker Bella foofellah tracked her ex-boyfriend

In a video uploaded on March 14, 2022, Foofellah exposed her ex-boyfriend for allegedly stalking her. She claimed she “could silently watch him check in on me daily three years post-breakup.”

The video featured Foofellah sitting down and writting the following message. “Thinking about the time I got broken up with so I made a Tumblr with a hidden IP tracker, put it in my Instagram bio so I could silently watch him check in on me daily three years post-breakup and fully engaged to another girl.

“Kept it to myself for years, then made a TikTok that blew up exposing him, and now he hasn’t clicked it since.”

The video has been viewed over 690,000 times, leading to a mixed reaction among viewers.

“He was checking on you, but you were checking on him too,” one commenter wrote.

“She played the long game, and she won,” another chimed in.

While some fans viwed Foofellah’s video as hypocritical, most sided with the TikToker in believing that the situation was just a little creepy.