TikToker reveals insane difference after listing herself as white on job applications

TikToker reveals difference after listing herself as white on job applicationsTIKTOK: dee.realz

A TikToker went viral after sharing she the insane difference she noticed after listing herself as white on job applications.

The Black job applicant, Dee, started a discussion on TikTok, after revealing that she only started receiving job interviews when she listed her race as white on applications.

In a viral video with over 886,000 views, Dee shared that she has been “angrily and aggressively looking for a new job” for a job the past six months, resulting in her submitting at least three applications per day.

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Despite revamping her resume three times, and switching from using her first name to her middle name, “so it sounds a little less ‘ethic,’” she still received no responses to her applications.

However, Dee said she came across a TED Talk video, which advised changing one’s race to white on a job application to receive more responses.

Taking this advice, the TikToker said she started listing herself as white on job applications, and she is already seeing results.

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“I have four interviews next week,” Dee shared. “Same resume. Same qualifications. Same everything.”

“Boy are they gonna be mad when my Black ass shows up for that job,” she laughingly added at the end of the video.

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TikTok users react to job applicant’s insane findings

Many TikTok users supported Dee’s findings.

“That’s how I got my jobs. It’s so sad that it’s gotta be this way,” one user commented. “I put ‘prefer not to disclose’ on the race section. Got 6 offers in a week,” another claimed.

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“Applied to the same companies twice and once I changed my race to mixed…got calls for interviews,” a third user wrote.

“As an HR professional blind resumes are the way to go!” someone else shared. “There’s soo much implicit bias it’s crazy. Omit anything that shows EEO data.”

A 2017 article under Harvard Business School’s Working Knowledge vertical reviewed a study in which applicants submitted both minority and “whitened” resumes to several companies.

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“Companies are more than twice as likely to call minority applicants for interviews if they submit whitened resumes than candidates who reveal their race,” the study found. “This discriminatory practice is just as strong for businesses that claim to value diversity as those that don’t.”

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