TikToker goes viral for giving seatmate on plane a tattoo midflight

tiktok tattooTikTok: luckyboytattoos

A TikToker and popular tattoo artist went massively viral after giving their seatmate on a plane a tattoo midflight.

People get tattoos in the strangest of places, often not sanitized correctly, and in locations that you would never even want to be let alone get inked at.

For one TikToker and tattoo artist, they got the chance to tattoo somebody in one of the strangest places on Earth to get tattooed, all while following sanitary guidelines.

Tattoo artist inks seatmate mid-flight in viral TikTok

Tattoo artist Asher, known as Lucky Boy Tattoos, was on a flight when their seatmate had a strange request: They wanted to get tattooed while thousands of feet in the air.

Asher said, “So I sat down next to someone who told me they were stressed about finding a place to get tattooed on their trip.” So, Asher took on the challenge and whipped out their equipment.

Before getting to the inking, they headed to the bathroom and properly sanitized their hands as well as the part of the wrist the woman wanted to get tattooed. Asher even cleared the tattoo with the flight attendants, who were totally fine with it.

She clearly wasn’t spooked by the potential of the plane to shake during the tattoo and ended up getting “hello” tattooed on their inner wrist in black ink.

The TikTok video now has over 4 million views, showing that getting tattooed on a plane can be quite fun if paired with the right artist.