TikToker claims she was almost kidnapped at Pilates class

TikToker almost kidnapped at pilates classTIKTOK: thejencooke

A TikToker claimed she was almost kidnapped while attending a Pilates class at her local studio.

The woman went viral on TikTok after sharing her terrifying experience of being harassed and nearly abducted by an aggressive man at her Pilates class.

In a video, which has amassed over 1.1 million views, TikToker Jenn Cooke explained that while she was attending a Pilates class last month, a man had followed her into the studio. Although he seemed out of place wearing cargo shorts to the fitness class, she didn’t think much of it at the time.

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After putting her stuff down, Jenn walked to the bathroom, and noticed the man following her. She said he started making “weird,” conversation with her, asking her intrusive and personal questions.

The situation only turned serious when she returned to her class, and a woman next to her said a man had been messing with her stuff, including her water bottle, while she was gone.

“So I didn’t drink out of my water bottle anymore, which I think is what saved me,” she said. “So don’t leave your water bottle anywhere, ever. Even in places you feel safe, like your home Pilates studio.”

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The man stared at her for the duration of the class, Jenn said, but she quickly left when it was over and called her mom.

While she was on the phone, the man allegedly pulled up beside her in his car, cutting across two lanes of traffic to get next to her as she walked. He began calling from his vehicle to Jenn on the side of the street, verbally harassing her, and wanting her to get in the car.

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At that moment, she strategically ran to a point where his car couldn’t cut through and made it home safely.

The TikToker shared an update in the caption of her viral video, stating that she is in contact with the Pilates studio, which has surveillance footage and is “taking action with the police.”

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