TikToker blasts Subway after finding feces in her sandwich

Kawter Abed
SubwayTIKTOK: Chrisnait

A TikToker has gone viral for calling out Subway after claiming she found feces in her sandwich.

In a viral video with over 682,000 views, TikToker Kels claims she took a bite of the sandwich, only to later realize that it had a foul smell. After further examination, she concluded that her sandwich contained feces.

Kels says she was going to eat the sandwich at the fast food restaurant’s parking lot, but she noticed that the parking lot smelled like sewage. Because of this, she only took one bite before choosing to take the sandwich home and eat it there instead. 

After arriving home, she went to eat her sandwich, only to notice the same foul smell.

“I look in the papers. In between the two wrappers on the sandwich is literal sh*t. There’s feces,” Kels claims. “We’re not sure if it’s dog or if it’s human.”

The mortified customer then called the police, who took a swab of the substance to determine its contents. She posted a video of the police interaction.

In another video, she showed the subway Sandwich in question, which appeared to have some brown substance on its wrapper.

Kels says she sent an online complaint to Subway the same night she noticed the feces, and called the corporate multiple times the next day. “All they told me is that I had to wait for someone to respond to my online complaint about there being literal sh*t in my food,” she said.

Viewers shocked at TikToker finding feces in her Subway sandwich

TikTok users were just as disturbed as the customer, leaving thousands of comments under the video.

“Dude I would be so traumatized I’m sorry,” one user commented. “OH NO IM NEVER EATING THERE AGAIN,” another user shared.

“Gagging and screaming noooo I’m sorry this happened to u” someone else wrote.

Others offered some advice to the TikToker.

“Please go get a checkup or have tests done. Just in case. I’d definitely have a lawyers lined up so they have to pay for anything doctors appointments,” one user advised.

“Most subways are franchised! I would see if you can contact the franchise owner while you wait,” another user commented. “Reach out to the local news as well!” a third user added.

Kels says that she is consulting with a lawyer about the incident in the coming week, and that Subway has yet to resolve the issue with her.