TikTok name change lets trolls impersonate influencers and it’s chaos

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TikTok trolls are taking advantage of a new feature that allows them to impersonate some of the most famous faces on the app and beyond, and not everyone is pleased about it.

Over the last couple of years, as impersonators have been the source of scams and other different hijinks, many platforms have moved to add verification – allowing them to prove that they are the real deal, regardless of what other people claim.

Despite that, there are still plenty of ways for trolls to be deceptive and take advantage of users who aren’t fully on the ball.

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That includes a new change to TikTok where a simple name change can trick everybody.

TikTok username change causes chaos as trolls run wild

That’s right, a new feature has been added to TikTok that allows users to change their username to whatever they want, and it’s already caused a bit of chaos.

As TikToker Noah Glenn Carter highlighted, many verified users have already started changing their name to that of another verified user, making it appear as if they are the real deal in the comments section of a video.

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Additionally, others are adding words like ‘following’ to the end of their name, making it seem as if you are following them. This, of course, can cause confusion, and you may end up clicking a profile that you have no idea about.

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Some fans have called for change already, asking TikTok to perhaps add a cooldown period on how often you can change said username. Though, others aren’t too bothered about it, seeing as ti makes the ‘cult’ trends a bit easier to organize.

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Impersonating a verified account, though, does go against the platform’s terms of service, so if you try your hand at it, you may get banned. Otherwise, stay vigilant and don’t fall for any hoaxs.

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