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TikTok kid goes viral calling out Warzone teammates homophobia & abuse

Published: 18/Sep/2021 18:19

by Lawrence Scotti


A TikTok of a 12-year old calling out homophobia during his match of Warzone has gone viral for all the right reasons.

Children often get a bad wrap when it comes to being toxic while playing video games. Chat rooms and in-game lobbies can be a place where kids adopt bad habits.

However, with the viral TikTok at hand, it’s easy to see that the kids are alright.

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Heartwarming Warzone TikTok

TikTok user bummblebee__ posted two TikTok’s of their younger brother arguing against a homophobic teammate of his during a match of Warzone.

In the first clip the boy says, “You seriously have a problem with people being gay. So, you’re homophobic? See, you just blindly admit to being homophobic. You realize I automatically don’t like you because that’s really f**ked up. You promise you guys aren’t joking? My sister is lesbian…”


@bummblebee__I’m glad he’s starting to learn from my civil rights rants. #hestryinghisbest #homophobia #brothers♬ original sound – LittleCanary

His defense of the LGBTQ+ community didn’t end there, though.

He continued in the second clip where he said, “I know but she’s gay and you plainly said you don’t support gay people. Wait, so you DON’T support LGBTQ? You realize LGBTQ isn’t only gay… If you’re trans that doesn’t mean you’re still gay. So you’re saying if you’re trans you’re basically just still a guy. Maybe they don’t want to be a woman or a male, it’s their decision what’s the matter with that?”

@bummblebee__that’s my boy #brothers #homophobia #lgbt #A+♬ original sound – LittleCanary

The stance this boy took against his homophobic teammate was quite admirable, and hopefully, he can be a role model for other kids playing Call of Duty online.