Throwback to FaZe Fortnite Pro ‘Tfue’ Receiving $5,000 Donation in 2017 From His YouTuber Brother ‘JOOGSQUAD’

Long before Turner ‘FaZe Tfue’ Tenney was known as the best Fortnite player in the world, he was the little brother of YouTuber Jack ‘JOOGSQUAD’ Tenney.

Tfue was driving around in a beat up car and needed a new one back in 2017. JOOGSQUAD decided to help his brother out with the purchase of a new car, but like any good YouTuber would do, he made sure the cameras were rolling and it was a surprise.

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JOOGSQUAD said the help with the new car was a small thank you for Tfue’s support of his YouTube career.

Instead of handing over a check to his brother, he created a new Twitch account to donate $5,000 anonymously to Tfue live on stream.

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JOOGSQUAD’s fake Twitch name was appropriately titled “Buy a New Car.”

Tfue did not have a large following yet, so his brother had his own followers raid Tfue’s stream for an audience. Once the crowd was set, the large donations began pouring in to a shocked Tfue.

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He did not know how to react, but quickly suspected his brother was up to something.

Now that Tfue has won four Friday Fortnite tournaments and is arguably the best player in the world as Epic plans on giving away $100 million in prizes, he might have to pay his brother back.

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Check out the throwback video of JOOGSQUAD helping out Tfue below.