Things get crazy after YouTuber convinces MLB team to spy on his friend’s date

BuckArmy Arizona Diamondbacks Baseball Stadium Date Spying CombinedYouTube: BuckArmy / Twitter: Dbacks

In a hilarious series of events on Twitter and at the Arizona Diamondbacks’ baseball stadium, content creator Connor ‘BuckArmy’ Buckley masterfully coordinated with the MLB team’s social media account to secretly spy on a friend and his date.

A large part of the appeal for many fans attending live sports events is the unique dynamic that can only be found at a stadium. One piece of the stadium atmosphere is the presence of cameras, which will focus their attention on (often unsuspecting) fans during the event.

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Content creator BuckArmy — known for his FIFA streams on Facebook Gaming — used the cameras at the MLB team’s stadium, the cooperation of their social media managers, and a bit of luck to spy on his friend attending a game, and the events quickly turned into a viral sensation.

The exchange on Twitter began innocently enough, as Buck reached out to the Diamondbacks account with a plea for help: “My roommate is on a date six rows above home plate. Any chance we could tell the cameraman to zoom out so I can see how it’s going?”

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While the MLB team seemed hesitant to help at first, they eventually got on board with Buck’s plan and began searching for the couple.

After encountering some difficulties with locating the friend and his date, the Dbacks reached out to the streamer with some good news: “We got [them].”

The team’s social media managers had more good news to report, sharing that the date seemed to be going well: “Body language looks good — they seem comfortable. They just laughed too. Stay tuned for more!”

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Buck, the Diamondbacks, and thousands of their followers couldn’t get enough as the spying continued. Unfortunately for the sneaky duo, they were eventually exposed – the Dbacks asked Buck if his friends suspected they were being watched and the streamer confirmed they had indeed found out.

Despite the pair’s mischief being discovered, everyone involved had a happy ending. The team’s Twitter account posted one final picture of Buck’s friend and his date smiling and waving to the cameras via the stadium’s big screen.

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According to the Diamondbacks, the date went well and the couple seemed quite happy — despite being spied on for several hours!

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