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Tfue’s brother Joogsquad calls out Banks over FaZe drama

Published: 23/May/2019 10:24 Updated: 26/Mar/2020 12:51

by Calum Patterson


Following Tfue‘s first public statement on the ongoing legal battle between him and FaZe Clan, his older brother Jack ‘Joogsquad’ Tenney took aim at FaZe owner Banks on social media.

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Tfue finally gave his side of the story on May 22, or at least partially, as he demanded that FaZe Clan make the contract available for all to see, suggesting that it would back up his claim that it was ‘oppressive’.

Ricky ‘Banks‘ Banks, one of FaZe Clan’s founding members and current owners, responded publicly once again, refuting Tfue’s claims and confirming that they would release the contract, with express written permission from their now-former player and content creator.


[ad name=”article2″]Instagram: BanksTfue and Banks were previously close friends.

Tfue didn’t respond further, but his brother Joogsquad, who is internet famous in his own right thanks to his YouTube channel with over 4.5 million subscribers, hit back straight at Banks.

After Banks’ claim that FaZe “tried to fix the situation”, Joogsquad retorted that his attempt to act as though they had done nothing wrong was “manipulative”, and went on to argue that if Banks truly wanted what was best for his brother, he would have released him.

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Joogsquad also questioned Banks’ true power within the organization, after he claimed that ‘higher-ups’ would need approve the contract being made public.


Banks responded, arguing that he felt owed a degree of loyalty from Tfue after helping launch his career, but Joogsquad disagreed, explaining that as his brother he had helped Tfue also, but never expected anything in return.

Joogsquad went on to call Tfue’s contract the ‘worst ever’, as well as labelling it “illegal”. As a final word, he questioned Banks’ ‘friendship’ with Tfue, stating “You don’t do someone a favor to hold it over their head later. Friends don’t do that.”

Banks has claimed that the contract will be released “momentarily”, but at the time of writing is still currently private.