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Entertainment • Aug 28, 2019

Tfue finally overtakes shroud to become number 1 Twitch streamer

Tfue finally overtakes shroud to become number 1 Twitch streamer
Tfue, Instagram / shroud, Twitch

Streaming star Tyler “Ninja” Blevins shook the streaming community after leaving Twitch for Mixer on August 1 - and nearly a month later, Twitch has seen yet another major upset in its top ranked streamers.


On August 27, famous Fortnite pro Turner “Tfue” Tenney broke the current record for Twitch’s most-followed content creator, a title previously held by Michael “shroud” Grzesiek in wake of Ninja’s Mixer move earlier this month.

At the time of writing, Tfue boasts over 6.9 million followers - a number close to Shroud’s own follower count, which currently sits at 6.8 million.


Tfue, Instagram
Tfue is now ranked as Twitch's most-followed streamer, with shroud close behind.

Despite these impressive numbers from both streamers, Ninja still sits at a whopping 14.7 million followers on the site, although he no longer streams on the platform due to his exclusive broadcasting deal with Mixer.

Thus, Ninja’s absence makes Tfue Twitch’s top streamer, nearly a month after the site’s top dog switched platforms - but this development didn’t come out of left field.

Lauren Kretzschmar, Get Good Press Kit
Tyler "Ninja" Blevins still ranks as Twitch's most-followed channel - but with his account inactive following his Mixer deal, Tfue reigns supreme.


Tfue was named as one of Twitch’s fast-growing streamers following Ninja’s final broadcast, listed at second place in terms of growth, while Fortnite World Cup champion Bugha ranked first, followed by Fortnite pro Symfuhny and shroud.


While Tfue’s channel continues to grow in followers, it also ranks as one of Twitch’s most-viewed channels, as well, as shown by statistics from Twitch Metrics.

According to these stas, Tfue boasts over 9.6 million viewer hours as of August 27, rendering him the site’s most-viewed independent creator ahead of names like World of Warcraft streamer Asmongold, Overwatch pro Felix “xQc” Lengyel, and even shroud.


Other independent creators ranked highly on the site’s most-followed list include other notable Fortnite streamers, including Fortnite pro TSM Myth, Dakotaz, TimTheTatMan, and TSM Daequan, who explained that he quit the game because “competitive is garbage.”

Fortnite itself has taken a hit in viewership as of late, thanks to World of Warcraft Classic’s release, now sitting at third place in Twitch’s most-viewed rankings with CS:GO in second place.
As of August 28, WoW Classic tops Twitch's rankings, with CS:GO and Fortnite close behind.

With Ninja’s absence from the platform acting as a major catalyst for a slew of changes, there’s no telling who will rise in the ranks next - but Tfue’s status as a top streamer doesn’t look likely to change anytime soon.

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