Tfue and FaZe Ewok have explosive first encounter with Minecraft enemy - Dexerto

Tfue and FaZe Ewok have explosive first encounter with Minecraft enemy

Published: 1/Sep/2019 19:16 Updated: 1/Sep/2019 21:32

by Eli Becht


Turner ‘Minecraft stream is one for the record books as he and Soleil ‘Ewok’ Wheeler had an explosive encounter with a surprise enemy.

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More and more streamers discover daily that Minecraft has the potential to be a fun alternative to Fortnite.

Tfue’s first stream of Minecraft was filled with twists and turns as he ran into numerous issues, but nothing was as crazy as a random enemy spawning in and blowing up him and Ewok in one quick motion.

Minecraft.netMinecraft popularity is up while Fortnite’s is decreasing.
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Tfue and Ewok were building a bridge across the lava so they could stay out of trouble, but little did they know the trouble would be finding them regardless.


Once the two finished their bridge, a Creeper instantly spawned on it right next to them and detonated, killing both players in the process.

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Tfue’s mouth dropped wide open as he literally had no words for what just happened to him and his FaZe Clan companion.

The Creeper spawned in without warning and didn’t even give the players any time to escape before it exploded and undid all of the hard work the two had made. 

The world of Minecraft is a dangerous one so let this be a lesson to anyone out there thinking otherwise.


MojangFinding lava is both a good and bad thing in Minecraft.
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A lot of players who have spent time with Minecraft have had some dangerous run-ins with Creepers as they strike seemingly at random.

Twitch streamer ItsSlikeR had a similar experience with one as two of them detonated inside of his house, causing him to quit and play a different game entirely.

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Minecraft can definitely be a nice change of pace from the frantic action that is Fortnite, but we see that it’s not always a walk in the park.

Despite that, almost everyone who has jumped over to the game has been enjoying it. The complete openness of the game has proven to be hit for streamers and viewers alike.